The colored concrete floors are definitely a new trend in interior design. Although they are not yet widely used, their use has been restricted primarily to industrial premises. Today, thanks to the ingenuity of designers, we can enjoy the concrete floors in the interiors of our homes.

Colored concrete is a name that gracefully got accepted in Poland. In many countries, however, it uses the concept of "wax concrete" as both of concrete on pure cement, and the cement mix with the resin, impregnation is finished up with glaze imitating wax. Coating of colored concrete is giving us extraordinary feeling, undoubtedly giving each room an unusual character. They are elegant floors, often used by interior designers. First of all, there are very few restrictions here - the floor can be prepared in a variety of colors, can be variously finished: polished, rubbed, and puttied. These unique floors are highly resistant to any kind of load. That’s why they are so often used in industrial facilities.

Durability of the colored concrete floor is a desirable feature for private individuals who want to enjoy the floors that still look great after many years of use. Colored concrete is often used because it can be used on old and new floors. Perfectly leveled sheet of the floor also enraptures us. First of all, during the preparation of the floor it is a big time saver, because there is no need for grouting. The final result also deserves recognition - as uniform floor completely changes the perception of space in the room and makes it seem as if the room got bigger and more airy. This effect is often used by interior designers, who are followers of modern solutions to some arrangement. The colored concrete floors are an interesting alternative to the popular floors, such as tiles or parquet. They look great with glass, steel or aluminum. It’s especially suitable for modern, strict arrangements, although talented designer certainly could create an interesting interior in the traditional style, which would still fit with such a floor. This type of floor design allows you to create simple look .The look of the floor is very industrial, due to minor abrasions and discoloration that can perfectly imitate the serial character of the room. This solution, though unusual, has many supporters who want to have colored concrete floor, not only on the terraces, but also in the living room. These floors are unique. The entire process of their preparation, the method of mixing the laying of the floor is easy but you will never see the same exact looking floor. This gives the rooms a unique character. It is certainly a floor for demanding connoisseurs who love raw elegance.

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