The floors in our house must not only look good and be the perfect fulfillment of interior design they also must be functional, durable and easy to clean. For this reason, the decision about which floor you choose, is often quite difficult. Currently, we have many possibilities when it comes to choosing flooring. These are not only the tiles or wooden tiles covered with carpet. Today we have a wider range of modern floors, e.g. High-quality wood paneling that imitates parquet. We have resin floors in our offer, which are not only very durable, but can have intriguing design, and thus often is chosen by interior designers.

Micro concrete and resin floors have in particular high impact resistance and durability. It is important also that they are seamless floors - thanks to the slots there’s no deposited dust and no odor remains. Therefore, the resin and micro concrete floors are recommended for allergy sufferers. They are easy to keep clean. However, their main advantage is the unlimited possibilities in terms of arrangement. In addition to the huge number of colors, you can also create patterns that are perfect decoration. This type of flooring without a doubt, decorates the interior. Elegant appearance and pleasing to the eye aesthetics meant that for some time resin floors have been an unmistakable trend in the housing arrangement.

Resin floors can perfectly imitate concrete. This type of solution will appeal to those who appreciate modern and somewhat harsh interior. High gloss or perhaps a matte finish, one-color or colored flooring, imitation marble or concrete - the possibilities are enormous. The floor of this kind is an innovative solution that will add character to any interior. For the braver arrangement you can be tempted to sink a few items in the floor. As a result, the floor becomes the main decoration of the interior, which effectively attracts the eye. After this the floor, won’t be passed indifferently, and even the most fastidious guests will be forced to appreciate the floor on which they stand.

Feature, which particularly draws attention, is the lack of joints. Large, smooth surface is ideal for both small and large rooms. This is a completely new quality in the interior design. In contrast to traditional flooring, resin and micro concrete flooring completely change the character of both the living room and the rest of the house. They guarantee a new look for the space, which seems more unlimited thanks to a smooth sheet of substrate. In conjunction with the minimalist design you can achieve extraordinary finished effect, which in addition to aesthetic, owners will enjoy very how easy to clean it is.

If you dream of having extraordinary interior trim, which will facilitate daily cleaning, resin and micro concrete floors will be a great solution. Exceptional durability and resistance to damage and chemicals, ease of use, incredible smoothness and the ability to create a unique arrangement. Those are just some of the advantages of resin flooring. Another advantage is the ability to fit tiles, parquet or other floor on them when resin floor will start boring you - but there is no such risk, because the full style and incredibly smooth floor will give you more pleasure with each step.

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