Polished concrete and micro concrete have been gaining in popularity for some time. Micro concrete can be used on horizontal as well as vertical surfaces. This means that micro concrete can be used on floors, walls, steps, tops, furniture and other surfaces. Micro concrete can also be used in garden architecture. It’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use. This multitude of possibilities makes it increasingly used in interior decoration. Interesting and well-tailored arrangements frequently are the result of those particular coatings.

Micro concrete floor is the perfect solution for kitchens and bathrooms because they tolerate excess moisture. As you know, in these rooms there may be a lot of it so you should have a floor that does not destroy itself after a few years. They are also very durable, resistant to damage and dirt. The floor is also seamed which is great for future. Thanks to it - as opposed to traditional floor - the gaps do not collect dust. The interior becomes clean and hygienic and easy to clean. Joints do not change color and a single tile floor looks like new for many years.

Micro concrete coatings are of great use. They are placed on all kinds of surfaces. New, unfinished, and in the case of old floors that require fast refresh. Working with micro concrete is quick, without unnecessary amounts of dirt, dust and dirt. Thanks to that fact the floor is done very efficiently and in a short time. In the latter case, it also has a lower cost - no need to remove the old pavement. The floor can be laid on wood, concrete, marble, mosaic and tiles. This allows us to refresh the floor in a short time.

The interior with micro concrete is particularly popular when we use lot of glass elements (barriers, glazing, and shower cabins) and distinct elements of metal. With this combination, we give the interiors interesting, futuristic character. Joint less area of ​​ micro concrete causes complete smooth and very large surfaces. As a result, the impression of the room changes drastically. These floors can be matt or shiny. If you are planning on a location in your house that needs new floors, take advantage of the opportunities offered by micro concrete and your satisfaction won’t fade for many years.

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