Sometimes there is a situation, as a result of which the floor is damaged. While minor scratches or blemishes can be ignored, seriously damaged bits bring more attention. Floors deteriorate not only due to minor accidents. Time takes a toll on them too. Even the most robust and durable floor will start to become gray and dull. Fortunately specialized solutions help us to make them last longer and give us more time to replace them with new ones. In many cases it is sufficient to repair or touch-up the floor so it can regain its former glory and splendor.

If your floor is damaged and you want to fix it or simply freshen it up, we invite you to contact us. First of all, we will determine the extent of damage and the possibility of renovation, and the most preferred method in this situation. The scope of work depends primarily on the extent of the damage, but also on whether the owner wants to exchange the floor layer or structure underfloor. Working time, cost and inconvenience for the residents may also be different - depending on the selected method.

Floor Refinishing is necessary even after a few years, if they are intensively exploited. Fortunately, today there are effective methods that allow you to quickly freshen up the floor to look even better than when you bought it brand new. The most commonly used method for wood panels is sanding. The owners of this type of flooring will carry out this type of work from time to time to create aesthetically pleasing interior. We all know that sometimes, that the damage on the floor motivates us to change the arrangement. In this case, a good possibility is to apply a new floor on the old one, which does not require removing the existing floor. That gives us the opportunity for resin flooring. This is an excellent way to give the interior a feel of freshness. Regardless of whether your floor has minor damage or loss, or maybe it even needs a total renovation, it has already lost his good looks, and we are here to help you. We have sufficient knowledge to advise you not only in the choice of flooring, but also to efficiently carry out its repair and retouching. We will make sure that the interior of your home or business regains its luster and that nothing will disturb the pristine appearance of your floor.

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