Until recently resin floor were used mainly in industrial facilities, due to the exceptional durability. Today, however, increasing popularity will also place them in our homes and apartments. They create a lot of opportunities the interior design. Regardless of whether you already have a floor with a resin, or maybe just considering its location in your home, you should learn how to cultivate it so it can retain its charm.

This type of flooring is very durable, UV-resistant and easy to keep clean. In many cases it’s recommended to allergy sufferers. For many people it is important that the floor does not require too much work, especially polishing it. Resin floor meets this condition. The owners of this type of flooring repeatedly mention that it does not take much effort to get the floor to look sparkled and aesthetical. They do not require polishing, so cleaning does not take much time, and the interior looks neat. Resin floors don’t have any joints. That way, the dust does not penetrate the surface as it is on the floor with joints. Ideally they are suitable for allergy sufferers, and the fact that the floor stays clean longer, makes it attractive for all.

Resin floors, however, require special cleaning agents, as these contain a lot of universal quantities of soap. Their use will be very fast settling of dust, which readily adheres to the fat residue from the soap on the floor. Take measures designed for resin floors, because they make the floor look attractive for a long time. Our customers recommend two types of preparations: for the daily care and stubborn dirt.

Once a year, take thorough care, involving the mechanical cleaning of the floor. The service we perform for our customers, regardless of how much time has passed since its location. It is a short-term treatment, which allows you to enjoy a refreshed floor for months. Resin floors tolerate the impact of chemicals and any aggressive substances, so in case of emergence strong outpouring of dirt can be easily removed. Floors are also extremely resistant to abrasion and mechanical damage. No scratches and abrasions can be created on them easily. They are characterized by high durability.

To extend the life of the floor it is recommended to use felt pads under furniture to prevent the formation of both major damage, as well as microscopic scratches. For coatings, use clear and white pads, since these dark colors can stain the floor, and such damage is difficult to remove.

Resin floors create multiple arrangements and are easy to keep clean. Thanks to their extraordinary durability you will be able to enjoy a beautiful floor that does not require much effort to become a real decoration of your home. If you appreciate the exceptional and unique arrangements and you want your house characterized by pleasant, delicate elegance, resin flooring will be an excellent choice.

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