When we think of the resin, we may have different images before our eyes. Perhaps these are insects sunk many years ago in this shiny precious substance or maybe we imagine drops of resin drifting lazily on the rough bark of an old, tired tree. Most of us probably know that the resin is used primarily to protect the wounds of the tree. Thanks to its unique properties, this substance was also appreciated by man. Resins are of great use, among other things, in the manufacture of drugs or unique jewelry that adorns the smooth skin of women during important ceremonies. However, the vast strength and durability of resin also allows its use in many industries, for example in the production of paints, varnishes, and as it turns out flooring in our homes.

Until recently, the resin floors were used only in industry setting. Their extreme durability and resistance to shock and damage helped us find an application in many factories. However, recently the most perceptive interior designers realized that with a little imagination this type of floor can become a unique decoration of our homes. This idea quickly won the hearts of both decorators and homeowners who appreciate the era full of style and class. Resin floors are known for refined elegance and they became remarkable accent, which give character to any room.

This solution is very modern and it’s gaining a huge amount of followers. An important quality is the durability of resin floors. They are resistant to damage and abrasion. They do not deteriorate under the influence of chemicals so for many years they look brand new. Their undoubted advantage is the lack of joints. The slots don’t deposit dust - as it is the case with traditional floors. Thanks to this resin floors are ideal for allergy sufferers and those who have children or simply for those who appreciate the long-lasting cleanliness. Being easy to maintain in perfect condition is undoubtedly a feature worth appreciating.

Another great quality is that the resin flooring is in unalloyed form. It’s a smooth sheet, which gives the room space completely different appearance. A new dimension is obtained through resin floors and an original arrangement, in which the creation looks great and you’re not limited in creating and that’s why it’s now becoming extremely valued element of interior design. Floors can made matte, semi-gloss or gloss, in an unlimited number of colors, with the possibility of embedding various elements. The effect will appeal to anyone who appreciates sophisticated, yet aesthetic and functional interior.

If you are wondering how to transform your apartment or you may want to give your home a breath of modern freshness, resin floors are the ideal solution for you. You will soon find out how easy it is to upkeep them and will notice how harmony and aesthetics changed your house. It is an unconventional idea but was proven to be a hit, so you should use this solution and let yourself be seduced by the special charm of these unique floors.

General characteristics of the resin. The advantages of using resin coatings on floors in technical rooms and garage.

What resins are included in the kit?
Epoxy resins are reactive oligomers containing two or more oxirane rings from epoxy groups in the molecule. Reaction of two or more functional amines, anhydrides or other cyclic compounds capable of ring-opening of the oxirane form crosslinked products is characterized by very desirable mechanical properties, electrical and chemical resistance. When combined with the hardener resins pass irreversibly from a plastic state to a hardened state firmly. That’s why it’s mainly used in an industrial setting

Epoxy resins containing no fillers or dyes are viscous, thermoplastic liquid having a density of about 1, 15-1, 21 g / cm3 in color from pale yellow to brown. 
They are well diluted in :
- toluene
- benzene
- acetone
- dioxane
- Ethyl acetate
And other organic solvents.

Under normal conditions of air the fume emission of resin is very low due to the low vapor pressure of these substances.
Resins Qeshfloor EP 6200 and EP 3900 (included in the kit) are extremely resistant to most chemicals used even in the food industry and pharmaceutical industry. Oils, solvents, gasoline, greases, alkalis, acids (at concentrations up to 30%) do not pose a threat to flooring surfaces coated with these resins.
Due to its physical and chemical qualities there are
- resistant to elevated temperatures;
- maintaining stable performance under the influence of external factors, ie.
Changing temperature, humidity, pH environment in which they are located.
- Stiff;
- no electricity conduct
- resistant to most chemicals.

Floor-coated epoxy resin is also characterized by high resistance to abrasion, impact resistance and reduced aging.
We recommend Qeshfloor (EP and PU) cleaning and maintenance of industrial floor for RZ means.
For products such as: 2030, 2060, 2500, 3900, PU 7900, PU 7970, PU 7975, 1000, 1200, 1250.

Appropriate cleaning and maintenance extends the life of the floor, so that it is maintained longer in high quality. The floor depending on how dirty it gets should be cleaned regularly / daily. Dust and dirt should be carefully removed from the whole floor. Most dirt on the floors can be avoided by lining the respective wiper before entering the building and rooms where there is a resin floor.

During daily cleaning, do the following: The sand must be removed with a brush or a vacuum cleaner and the use of high-performance preservatives brand RZ extend the life of the floor. It’s recommended for daily maintenance: RZ Elastic Wipe - in a 1: 200 or 50 ml per 10 liters of water. The solution should be distributed with a mop made out of synthetic fiber. Maintenance cleaning should be done using the RZ Elastic Wipe. Use of other products may have negative effects on the floor. From time to time you might need to do some intensive cleaning. This way you will remove stubborn stains, cleaning agent residues and other contaminants that affect the attractive appearance of the floor.

Depending on the degree of contamination, use RZ Intensive cleaner solution having a concentration of 1: 100 to 1: 1.

Central RZ Intensive cleaner should be applied by a mop to the floor, after that let it be for 10 minutes and then scrub with one bladed device, using the green shield. Then collect the liquid with a mop or a vacuum and rinse the whole floor with clean water. After that use the vacuum cleaner to collect water and allow the floor to dry completely.
Stubborn stains and rubber marks can be removed using RZ Floor Spot Remover.

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