PosadzkiArtystyczne.pl is a brand created by an experienced technician and engineer for demanding customers expecting exceptional, groutless floors that are easy to clean.

With engineering knowledge, aesthetics sense of commited group of enthusiasts - we create a very innovative decorative flooring. In your rooms, we are able to make concrete flooring (polished, smoothed, colored or natural) with a very different character. We also have resin flooring in our offer. We know how to use various technologies and techniques to adapt to the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Based on extensive experience in the implementation of flooring projects we can assess opportunities and define the conditions on site. The knowledge and experience gained will help us in the presentation of a proper assessment of the technical condition of the floor. With us you will make only technically and technologically correct solution when choosing the ideal decorative flooring. We guarantee the safety and security after the flooring in our technologies according to expected interior design.

We work with architects and interior designers offering them advice when choosing flooring materials, adapting our solutions to the expected style, character and function of the designed room.

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