It sometimes happens that, despite the most sincere willingness to stop it our floor will get flooded. Sometimes this happens in our private homes, often in companies and factories. Do not ignore the flooding because the water can soak into the deepest layers of the floor, and the process of completely drying it may take several months. The interior floor is then exposed to a situation where it can get seriously damaged or even destroyed. Another consequence may be a gradual transfer of moisture from the lower parts of the walls. Therefore, when the floor will get flooded, immediately dry it.

Self-draining the floor is almost impossible, because first you need professional equipment, so that the process is effective, and secondly it requires specialized assessment of the situation - in case of different types of flooring there are required other methods of drying, so that it is accurate. Drying each layer is a must so the floor doesn’t have any preserved moisture.

Neglecting flooding can lead among other things to the development of mold and fungi inside the first floor, and then in the lower parts of the walls. Another effect, as frequently is the slow degradation of the building elements, such as plaster or plasterboards. It can also cause damage to the insulated structures. Unfortunately, the ventilation and turning the heating up is not enough - this is the first of all very uneconomical, because a huge amount of heat escaping through the open windows and it also doesn’t cure the problem. As a result, temporary drying will result in profound damage, and after some time it will be require complete replacement of flooring.

Professional floor drying allows us to prevent the effects of flooding, and all the consequences. The earlier it is started, the less severe are the effects of flooding. Quick reaction may allow for complete retrieval of both flooring and other building components. It is necessary to choose the right materials, due to the fact that each floor may have a different structure and may be made in a different way. It happens that flooded parts are very difficult to reach, such as window installation or isolation zone buildings - in such situations it is necessary not only to use professional equipment but also to have the knowledge of how to effectively dry it.

If your floor is not dry enough or has been flooded, please contact us. We offer you efficient help in the effective floor drying.

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